Sunday, 4 April 2010

90210: most exclusive postcode + the worst scripting (= LOVE)

The two sides are at war. The one side of me that is logical, and the other side of me that like trashy teen TV. I'm talking about the new 90210. Despite boycotting the show (for no reason except that I thought I was too old to watch it at 22), I sorta started watching I am a fan. Oops. 

Despite some wooden acting and some of the WORST scripting perhaps, ever, I love watching it and their ever-changing wardrobes (god bless the imaginary rich parents of the characters). They are equally adorable in real life: 
This is main character Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord)  during NY Fashion Week. I Love the simplicity. The dress complements her sun-kissed skin and blonde locks perfectly. Not sure if I love the shoes. I probably would've gone for more height (but that's probably cos I'm only like 5'1 and thus eternally obsessed with being on tiptoes to look normal height!)

Happy Easter. My lazy Sunday is calling out to me.


  1. oh 90210 is definitely a guilty pleasure! love this dress on her. the whole nude-coloured trend is so gorgeous. xx

  2. I am on the hunt for the perfect nude blazer for spring/summer. I got some gorgeous nudey peach heels <3 from topshop too. x


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