Sunday, 18 April 2010

I Wanna Hypnotise You, Baby, on the Telephone

I solemnly vow to not name the next post after a White Stripes lyric. I also cannot apologise for changing the American spelling of 'hypnotize' by dropping the zee. Pow. You just got Anglicised. 

I heard through Twitter, Agy Deyn has shaved her head. Proof?

It was sourced from Love Magazine's feed, but that is not how I found out. Fo' shiz, I have awesome contacts that pre-date this photo...
I (embarassingly?!) follow a former 'America's Next Top Model' contestant on Twitter. I don't quite know why. She didn't even win, BUT she is an awesome model. Her photos were a-mazing. This is one of her her post-show shoots:

Love. The location, the dress, the blazer!

Anyway, she tweeted about  how 'fierce' Agy looked with her new crop. I only put 'fierce' in inverted commas because, frankly, I am not cool enough for that. 

Back on the hairstyle, I think it's pretty cool. I would like it more if she had gone for double wow effect and kept the peroxide blonde too. But, the dark colour has its benefits; it's very androgynous, non? 

Plus, she is awesome

Her style has blended London and New York fashion seamlessly. It's always effortless, urban and kooky. 


  1. I think Aggy would look great no matter what hair she has, or doesn't have. I, too, like this cut on her. And her natural hair color is quite pretty, as seen here.

    I wonder if she did this to get rid of the dyed hair. If so, I can relate! While I personally wouldn't go quite this short, I can understand wanting to start over, get rid of dyed color/damage, whatever. I love my pixie cut, but am tired of the maintenance of dyeing. I'm half-way to natural color, thanks to monthly trims and the already short cut.

  2. StyleOdyssey, I think your pixie cut is gorgeous as is Deyn's super short crop. I'm jealous of those who can pull of short hair. My face cannot handle it (i've tried and the photos will never see the light of day again!). I want to do something with my hair, but I can never decide what. Dilemma!


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