Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Lace-d up and Fancy Free

Morning! ('s 11:59am, it's all about the details, folks!). I'm so excited to read that some of you actually like tennis. REVELATION. This is awesome because I pretty much know zero people who can even muster up the tiniest lip-twitching smile about the sport. And now I have made this discovery, I will hesitate much less when I want to fangirl ridiculously over a tennis match/player/fact :p

It's been another sweltering week in London. It's like stupid hot. Well, I say stupid but I love a hot summer! I think we deserve it after the freak snowstorms and don't even get me started on the rain...

So with the sun beating down relentlessly, I decided to throw an impromptu barbecue on Sunday with ma famille and the boyfriend. Good times were had by all and I even took a pitiful shot of my outfit

It may look like my gladiators are undone and that's because, well, they are. I was traipsing in and out of my house and I couldn't be fussed with doing the million buckles (there's actually only four, but exaggeration was called for, non?)

The top is something I nabbed just the other day from the Topshop sale <3. I'm ready for my close-up...

Haaa, don't worry, I wouldn't put a close up of my face. I wouldn't want to punish you lovelies with something so terrible!

I even managed to snap a photo of the boyfriend. I will admit right now it's a pretty lame attempt at anything close to a good shot, but I gotta take what I got

I ambushed him whilst he was tying his shoes and he still looks cute! <3

I am in super good/invincible mode right now. My degree results came in and I did well! I got a 2:1 (:
 And as an added bonus, all my friends from my course and all my friends at other universities did equally well!
Good times.

The super-scary-terrible-but-potentially-good-thing is tomorrow so keep the support rumblin', yo! 

Much love

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ma Cheri, Mon Cherry

What a fun, busy, fun start to the week. I say that, and I realise that actually it's Thursday evening so actually it's pretty much the end of the week. I lose track. I should get a day-counter, a week-minder. Yeahhhh. A Calender would pretty much sort me out!

That scary thing I was talking about in the last post didn't quite happen. The mysterious event got moved to next week, so please keep your fingers crossed (although do attempt some finger stretching and finger yoga for the duration!)

The lovely, loverrrrly, lovely Miss. Anonymous (I'm sure she has a name other than that, but she's a fabulously mysterious woman!) generously gave me this award:

Before anything, I'd just like to thank her muchly for the honour. Her blog is awesome, full of fashion and her art makes me hugely jealous. She is so talented, and her blog is always a great read, check it out here and prepare to be hooked!

I'm able to pass the award on to 5 blogs, so here goes nothing:
1) Serenity now, Insanity Later...You know those blogs that are especially awesome. You know when you don't know if the new post'll make you laugh or think? This is one of those, and I adore it!
2) Citizen Rosebud...I love this blog. Not only is she always showing off her individual style, she is so creative.
3) Style Nuggets...This blog is full of style and the blogger is SO nice. She always makes me smile!
4) Look Ugly in a Photograph...I only just discovered this blog and having read through some of the posts, It's instantly become a favourite!
5) Champagne and Cologne...I love her blog. And her. She is pretty much too awesome.

So yes, go click click on them!

On Tuesday I moseyed down to SW19, and as per my tennis obsession, had the best day out in the sun watching lots of awesome matches. I saw the beginning of the now-famous longest match in history between American Isner and Frenchman Mahut.  After a marathon 10 hour match, the fifth and final set ended a crazy 70-68.


It was a terrific feat from both men, and they both deserve a pat on the back (and perhaps more importantly, a good soaking of their feet!)

It was boiling on Tuesday (I am so tanned. From being in London. Flabbergasted!) so I wore shorts and a tee.

Here's me and my friend post fierce tanning session in the stands 

She'll probably kill me if she sees this, but I think she looks laaaaavely! <3

And you know what's missing from this post? A comedic photo. Yeah. That's right.
This is an excuse for me to post this photo of the American player, Isner looking slightly ridic...


Have a good one, lovers!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hearts is the Only Weapon of Choice

Yes, that's right! It's time for Sunday a-rambling time (: 

First, I just wanted to share my excitement over my new top which was a) stupidly cheap and b) so cute that I love it

It was four quid! <3 Bargains make us happy, non? I paired it with my new obsession, my jeggings from Topshop. I love them so much it's not even funny!

Again, excuse the quality of the photos...I will get a camera soon. Most probably just before I go away for my summer break (cannot wait to sun myself on the beaches of Thassos for two weeks!), and then my dears, you will be treated to less crappy photos. That is my pledge!

And secondly, a happy father's day to all you daddies out and about. My dad is a superman of a taxi-driver, bankman and questionable chef. Not to mention perhaps the worst comedian of all time. I kid you not. His jokes are terrible and mostly based on an unfunny rhyming scheme:

Dad: Sarah, where does David Beckham come from?
Me: ...*grumble*...I don't know where?
Dad: Peckham. Geddit?! Beckham, Peckham.

Unfortunately, my father chose to debut this particular chestnut in front of my new friends when I was like, twelve. FML. 

But cheesy/lame/unbelievably bad jokes aside, he is a pretty great dad. I guess bad jokes just come with the territory :p

On a fashion note, Nicole Richie is looking super gorgeous as she promotes her latest fashion line. 
Take a looksee

I actually love everything this girl wears. Sigh.

This week has been mostly taken up with looking forward to England playing in the World Cup, then watching them major-fail, then complaining about their absolute lameness. I would be surprised but this is the tradition with which English sport proceeds. 

I heartily look forward to Wimbledon knowing that it will be full of the same moaning, grumbling and mumbling about the weather and the lame British hopefuls. Oh yes. It really is summer now!

I potentially have something very scary/exciting happening this week. I won't explain now just in case it is an absoluuuute disaster, but just keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed for me. I'll be so grateful!

That's all for now, my loves. Have a good day and a stellar start to your week!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Pretty Girls, Bad Photos, Good Music.

Morning, folks! 

You know how before I said loveloveloved Christina Aguilera? And how I thought she had finally got her styling exactly right? It seemed to have struck that perfect balance between vampy and stylish, but THEN I saw this...

Photo: The Sun

You see the dilemma. Actually, no. There is no dilemma, this photo is a disaster. Is it meant to be sexy? Fail. I don't like it at all. Her eyes just look spidery from this angle, not flirty and cute. And sorry, not even Kate Moss could rock that angle, darling.

Aaaand, I see most people agreed with the slight awkwardness of Jess Alba in the last post (and yes, she is so gorgeous, it's ridic.). I wandered into this new shoot by one Megan Fox in Interview, and thought I'd see if you thought she fared any better? 

I think Fox looks quite a bit like Danni Minogue in this first shot. Weird.

photos: fashiongonerogue

When I first saw this, I thought it was better than the Alba effort but I think that it's only the styling that's better. This is a proper editorial rather than just a fashion spread which means that the theme of the editorial detracts from the model (actress!). 

But on closer inspection, I think she does a pretty poor job. By always looking off camera, it looks wooden and unemotional. Perhaps, it was meant to because she's styled like a second mannequin but I don't really like it. 
What do you guys think?

Music-wise, I got The Drums album after reading this hyper-fangirl article on them in NME (which made me not want to listen to them. I refuse to fangirl over them)


I am totally fangirling over their album, and particularly this song which is so '80's is actually ridiculous (in the most fabulous way, clearly!). Give it a listen and tell me what you think, loverrrrrrs.

Have a lovely Tuesday <3


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Alba, Zips and Specs Appeal

This morning, I've been fawning (hey, that rhymes!...check me out, bonus cool points for me, agreed?) over this photo of Jessica Alba from the new issue of Elle Korea

I only included this one because, well, frankly, you know how some people think that modelling should be left to models? Well, this shoot is an example of this. Not that Jess does bad, but she's just not as fluid as a model would be. Aaaaanyway, I love this outfit. The trophy jacket blows me away with its decadence, but more than that, I adore the skirt. The detail of all the zips is gorgeous. And I love that they styled it with more patterns, and more detail without shying away from it becoming a busy-busy outfit. Awesome.

Going with the boyfriend to pick up his new reading glasses today (we'll be a speccy 8-eyes together now. yes, you may deduct those cool points I just earned). I was a clever girlfriend though and went with him to pick the frames. The result? 

He won't look like this


Not that he a) has a predilection to look like an extra nerdy version of Harry Potter, b) owns a stupendously hideous bow-tie* and/or a red waistcoat or finally, c) would everrrr be allowed to sport such a greasy middle parting and curtains hair combo. No, no, no.

*See, now I feel bad. Bow-ties are not always bad. They're not even always restricted to awkward prom wear, they can be cool. I feel pressured to give evidence, and clearly who better to model the trend than 

photos: 3.bp.blogspot

He may be an exception because it is rare that one person is so awesome. Hang on, am I making it too obvious that I love him? Maybe I am because I have created this huge, crazy tangent just to post a photo of him *evil laugh*

You know what? '*evil laugh*' really isn't that scary. It doesn't emote well, does it? Pah.

Have a lovely Wednesday, you lovely people, you! And thankyous, hugs and kisses to the new readers <3 


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sunday Good Can Work

Time for a Sunday morning rambling, I think!

It's been a glorious few days in London, sun blazing, all bare legs and manly (and not-so) manly torsos proudly stripped and now I have a day off...and it's raining. You got to love it...or don't. I choose don't. I hate the rain!

I just was reading some newsy-type things (oo la la), when I saw this furore about an Urban Outfitters tee with a questionable slogan...

Photo: NYMag


Featuring a model, who I think frankly looks a bit sickly in this photo (shadows under the eyes, lank hair) wearing a slogan of 'eat less' is perhaps not putting their best foot forward. It's a pity because I quite like absolutely adore UO. They've withdrawn them from their online store after a storm of complaints, but apparently they're still available instore. 

I'm torn a little though because there's a tonne of slogan tees with terribly cliché or unfunny sayings which noone takes stock in. Noone really cares, so if one wants to air their (questionable) views, then so be it. Everyone has the right to their freedom of speech and more importantly are free to air their bad taste!

I saw this photo of Karl Lagerfeld and Vanessa Paradis in a homage to Warhol/Sedgewick and loved the retro vibe

I wish I had a pout like that. I'm talking about Vanessa, but Karl's got it going on too. Is it sad that his pout is better than mine? Is it sadder that I want a pout of a man?!

There is one other standout shot from the series

First what struck me was the cape (duh!), I am a sucker for animal print. But then, THEN! THE SHOES. Sorry, to go all capital but I really love them. I want them. Like, a lot.

Must she have Johnny Depp and those shoes? Isn't that too much gorgeousness for one person to handle? These are all important, important questions!

Soooo, customer of the week (and there wasn't many since it was so hot noone bothers to shop in nice weather) was this young woman who came strolling into the shop with her pram. The pram was covered with a scarf. I guess it was to protect the baby.

But then again, maybe I'm wrong. I say this because then the 'baby' started crying. And it wasn't a cute cry like this

'cos that I can handle easily. That ain't no thing. BUT NO. This was ultimate monster scream. It was like this guy under that blanket, seriously


Yeah, like Hulk on a bad day when he's hungry, thirsty, tired, has a bad hair day and is extra pissed at his persistent toochache. That was the scream that the 'baby' had. Ahhh children, eh? Fruit of our world!

Disclaimer: I do not actually have anything against babies. Or kids. Or even pre-teens (unless they like Bieber or N-Dubz, but that's just common sense :p)

I hope you are all planning to waste away the day relaxing with good friends and family! Or on your own, watching The Wire all the live long day...I love The Wire...sorry, where was I? Oh yes, have a fabulous day! 


Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ice, Ice, Crimping,

I was browsing around the interwebs and I cam across this photo of Crystal Renn and I thought I'd share it 'cos I love it so much. 


I've seen on some blogs around the ways about the issue of glamourising smoking in fashion. It seems a pretty touchy subject with a lot of people. I don't know about it though. I don't smoke, but I'm not offended by seeing it in a photo/film. In contrast, actually, I think it makes the photo of Crystal. The old-school Hollywood glamour of the cigarette dangling tantalisingly from the corner of her mouth is pretty timeless cool, if you ask me.

And other than contentious issues in fashion, I thought I'd share this shoot with you 'cos, well, waking up looking a state and then looking at these make me happy and sad. Happy cos the styling is AMAZING and sad because I look like a tired porcupine with a bad hair day. Not good, folks. 

I promise I looked more impressed at these photos than the camel seems to be in the photo above...

Can I have a moment to point out those shoes? HUBBA HUBBA. I know you agree!

Up until this very minute, I did not think crimping was a good idea. I wholeheartedly agreed that it was just one of those things that should stay in the 80's foreverrrr like, ahem, cough, AHEMMMM...

(I love how the tagline to this obviously-awesomely-so-bad-its-good film is 'Just Add Ice'!)

Haha, sorry. That was just a convenient place for me to add this awesome movie cover of Vanilla Ice's film. It's like 80's overdosed and then they pumped it's stomach, and out came this cover...mad trouser pattern and all. 

But yeah, back to the original (non-mocking) point, I think the crimping looks really good in the editorial. Actually, everything. This is my favourite, favourite, favourite in a while. And I would happily adopt those clothes in to my wardrobe. You know...just in case...the stylists are reading :p

Hope you have a lovely day and are basking in some gorgeous sunshine. Bye beautifuls! xo