Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Always love, hate will get you everytime...

So, I was walking in the glorious sunshine on Monday, and this song came on

And you know those songs that are just perfect for summer? Well, this is close to the top of the list for me. Always perfect on a sunny, balmy day.

Okay so if you've read this blog a bit, you might know I'm just the tiniest bit obsessed with Jack White. I just love his voice, his vision and his music. 
Imagine my excitement when I saw that he's done an editorial with his partner, Karen Elson, in the American Vogue

The model and musician couple look fantastic here, captured by the amazing Annie Leibovitz in the June edition. I think some couples just fit, and these two certainly do. My favourite photo is the the third from top. It captures them perfectly, and I think it sweetly portrays an intense connection between them.

As always fashion and music combine with ease, and with gorgeous results. I'm a huge fan of this spread, the Americana and vintage vibes just work so well.

Happy mid-week, loverrrrrs

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Saturday Night Lights

This week I have...

...been mostly painting my nails colours that match my walls


...and, making strange stressy faces before I gave in my last essay. Ever.

Oh yes. I finished, so you can breathe a sigh of relief because now you will not have to endure my moans and groans over neverending work. Needless to say, I am thrilled!

I even got myself a virtual present (as well as some more expensive real presents in the form of a Topshop playsuit and schoolboy blazer, yum. I will try and take a picture when I am feeling more...vertical.):
Okay, I know I probably should just lay off the random Robert Downey Jr slots, but I really cannot help it. Anyway this photo is (so extremely) fit, don't you agree lovers?

As you may or may or may not know, I'm a complete America's Next Top Model nut. This explains my excitement at seeing Nicole (last cycle's winners) latest shots by Kathryna Hancock:

Photos: FashionGoneRogue
(Stylist: Thomas Anderson, Hair/Makeup: Juanita Lyon)

Doesn't she look great? I don't know if you watched, but she was kinda awkward, but that's what I loved about her. She really is awesome because her gawkiness is what makes her so good. Her flaming hair and unusual looks really shine in these photos. You can tell I'm a fan. That last photo reminds me of Madonna (which is weird, 'cos I don't like Madonna). The fingerless loves, the hat, the attitude. I love it.

I saw Four Lions this week, the controversial film about seriously misguided Islamic extremists. There was a huge uproar about the film being inappropriate, and I would agree, the film does touch on sensitive subjects. It was bound to. It would be weak if it avoided the obvious taboos, but the film is such a triumph. It is hilarious, and Chris Morris makes some interesting political comments about some of the recent terrorist headlines. This is not a comedy for comedy's sake. I recommend it!

Also, I went to see The Lion King at the gorgeous Lyceum Theatre (busy, busy). Every time I go to a theatre in London, I am struck by just how gorgeous they are. The interiors are so intricately gorgeous. The production was amazing. The first scene gave me chills, it's just so beautifully staged and created. I also cried when Mufasa died.

Ugh, too much text?

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ring o' Ring o' Rosie...and Christina...and me.

I'm feeling so blah at the moment. So close to finishing my essays of final year, but I feel I've lost something over the past few weeks. I've only been going out for work, not seeing the boy, not seeing my friends. Not really hearing any new music (aghhh). It's been a tough old time. Yes, poor me indeed. A little pity party on a Sunday is alright, right?

Incredibly lame silver lining: Work was okay this weekend. No intensely stupid customers. Cha-ching!

Incredibly unrelated news thingy: Having been about ten or eleven when she released her first single (I'm a genie in a bottle, baby, gotta rub me the right way, that's pretty sexual. Needless to say that was lost on me and my friends dancing around the playground), I will always have a soft spot for Christina Aguilera. Yes, I found that 50's schtick kind of annoying, I didn't really get the dirrrrrty phase (liked the song, hated the fact that it looked like she hadn't washed her hair or her face for a month), but still I like her. Although reading back on what I just wrote, it really doesn't sound like I do, but still.

So lovers, she's on another cover this month, so feast your lovely Sunday eyes on this

Photos: GossipOnThis

She looks amazing, basically.
That all-in-one that she's wearing in the last one, no heck, the whole outfit is just amazing. I LOVE the styling. The toughness of the leather/motorbike/monochrome just sit beautifully against her milky skin and red lips. Gorgeous, non?

And from old-school nineties love to my current obsession (alongside Diane Kruger) is Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley. 

She's in May's edition of the Russian Harper's Bazaar, and wow.

All Rosie photos: fashiongonerogue

My favourite is definitely the last one. Those shoes! I may not be able to walk in them, but can I have them just to stand in one place? I would stand still a LOT for those babies.

Hm, I just got a craving for those jammy-marshmellowy-chocolate teacakes things. I'm off to hunt for those. Happy Sunday xo

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Glorious Basterd (Sorry, Tarantino), the Blog Award.

Look at this shiny, gorgeous bastard.

One of very favourite blogees (I was trying out a new name for blog-writer, I will not use blogee sounds like bogey. That was not the mood I was trying to capture), MissLiv nominated me. ME? I never win anything. My parents are so aware of my uselessness that they often congratulate me when I catch a cold.

'Well DONE! Out of all the people, the Cold chose you to infect! You're just the darn best, Sarah' etc etc.

Is that sad?

Anyway, yes, so MissLiv's funnyawesomecool (it's a word now!) blog can be found here. Go on, clicky, click.

Now, now. 
5 Things about you may or may not know about me, count 'em!
  1. I only just rediscovered my love for reading. This is all well and good, but I've been studying English Lit for the last three years
  2. I may be 22, but I sometimes like to kick back and watch reruns of 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' and don't even get me started on 'High School Musical'. I do draw the line at 'Hannah Montana' however. And the Jonas Brothers.
  3. I've known my three closest friends for 11 years now, and I don't know what I'd do without them. They'll probably read this and tease me for days. (what a sap!)
  4. My ideal man would be either Robert Downey Jr (minus the jail time), Leonardo Di Caprio, Matt Damon or Johnny Depp. Or a nice mix of the four. However, I have the best boyfriend ever, and he knocks the socks off of all of them...most of the time haha
  5. I'm finishing Uni forever on Tuesday, and I have no idea what the future holds. But I'm a little okay with that.
I also gotta nominate some other lovelies, so here goes:

Jazzabelle's Diary...She is amazing, basically. Her clothes are awesome, as is she.

Girl in the City...She is always posting about yummy clothes and make-up.

Smaira's Dolly Mix Fits...this blog is LITERALLY yummy. She bakes cakes, tells you about them, buys make-up and tells you about it. Is there anything else you need? Hmm, no I didn't think so.

Glimpse in to her thoughts!...Amber Denae has one of the sweetest blogs I've come across. She's sensitive, got a gorgeous vintage camera collection and is lovely!

Sunshine in a Bag...You know that phrase, 'too cool for school'? See where it originated.

Now after that not-so-brief interlude, back to the dissertation I go.

Ho hum. 

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cricket is Vogue now? No? No.

I should tell you something about my family. We've never been The Waltons, or The Brady Bunch. Far from it, actually. We've never really been the type to have a sit down meal together and discuss the days ins-and-outs (unless it's Christmas, Turkey reunites everyone...), but there is one thing we will happily cuddle in close for.


You know, growing up in England has afforded me many choices, not least which sport I support England in. Football (soccer?!), Rugby, Tennis, good ole' Curling,  blah blah blah.
But with Sri Lanka (Hi, I'm Sri Lankan), you get one choice. Bat. Ball. Stumps. And fuzzy white jumpers. I'm already getting excited, are you?

Anyway this long, winding road is leading to one thing: WE WON yesterday.

Excuse the terrible quality. It was taken on my Blackberry. And off the TV. Not exactly the best way to take a photo, excuse me!

Anyway, this post isn't about sport really. It's just that I love it when one thing like a match (which wasn't even a final by the by. Yeesh, I mean it wasn't even a SEMI-final), can unite people in a moment of hysterical happiness.

On a less nerdy note (can I have some cool points back, please?), I saw Kristen Wiig rocked this Stella tee/dress that I want desperately

I like how she teamed it with nude heels which makes the dress look so effortless and not clunky (if that even makes sense, which by this point in the post, I'm sure it does not). Also the red lipstick just saves it from being too simple. I think she got the style maths right.

One other thing, a pregnant Claudia Schiffer is on the cover of Germany's Vogue this month

I purposefully didn't pick the cover shot because I think this one is more stunning. She looks amazing.
Alright, go on then. Here's the cover

All Vogue photos:

And she still is just so gorgeous on the close-up.

I think she looks amazing. What do you think?

p.s. The EssayDoomOfMyLife is nearly over! Get your pom-poms at the ready!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

'ear, 'ear!

I've been totally consumed by the British General Election this week. Not that there's anything to be consumed by, because frankly it was a unenthusiastic draw. Blah. 
Then, to my horror I noticed that my earlobes are uneven! I am fully aware that this is quite a weird body hang-up, but I noticed the other night and now I'm obsessed. Maybe I could start a J-Lo butt surgery phenomena with  earlobe cosmetic surgery?!!
Also, I am just over one week away from finishing with this essay headache (cue unnecessary premature celebration), so by next Monday I will be seriously happy...

Photo: Toonpool

I promise though, blogfriends, that my smile will be less creepy (and also I do not, repeat NOT, look like a bald Quasimodo)

Do you want to some gorgeousness on this ridiculously overcast Sunday morning?

Here's some drapey, summery fitness in the form of Australian designer Bianca Spender

Now, do you see the love? I would happily own all of these outfits. They just fit so beautifully. I put the Mustard Yellow maxi at the end because the punch of colour is amazing. It's like summer in a dress, isn't it?

Some of the gorgeous models backstage:
All Bianca Spender photos:

Notice the strange furry/feathery eyebrows. You can't notice it so much in the runway photos because of the distance but it's rather strange, isn't it? I quite like it though. It's like Fashion meets 'Where the Wild Things are'. Surreal, and pretty cool considering the importance of the outdoors life/nature in Australia. (Also, notice the lovely lovely lovely drapey goodness! Mmmmm!) 

Work was pretty okay this weekend (this, despite being lacklustre, is a significant improvement over most shifts). There was this group of teenage boys in yesterday. They couldn't have been older than fifteen, and that's an extremely generous estimation. They looked like Justin Bieber's younger, British and more bratty younger brothers (yuck!). And I noticed one of them was wearing a tee with this motif:

Yes. He was FIFTEEN (at best). 

I mean that shirts slogan isn't funny at the best of times, but on him? Are you kidding me? To cement this observation of how young he was, he tried buying an 18 certificate game, got coldly refused service (I mean, seriously) and then bought A BADGE. A mainstay for all kids everywhere. They normally read something like 'You don't Understand Me' or 'I <3 Chemical Romance' but he (being of advanced mind, see t-shirt slogan above) probable bought something like 'I love boobs' or something equally unfunny/offensive. So yeah. Tool.

So, loverrrrs this ends my Sunday ramblings. Have a lovely day xo

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Met Ball 2010

So now I've done enough words for my essay (not enough actually, 300 short and it's due tomorrow. But that heart attack can wait, thankyou very much), I logged on to see those Met Ball outfits. There was one clear winner, and she is splashed on the front page of ALL the websites, (not so) little Hermione.
Emma Watson looked gorgeous in her Burberry number

At first I could only see these super annoying tiny little photos of her dress, and I wasn't that bothered by it. But when I saw it in all it's glory (well, not completely 'cos that would be like wearing it, non?), I see the gorgeous detail. I think she looks amazing.

Others I loved were:

All photos:

Kate Bosworth (Valentino), Claire Danes (another gorgeous Burberry) and bucking the trend with a short dress  (not as tiny as Blake Lively's dress though. Seriously. Google it!) from Rag&Bone, Bar Refaeli.

There were some disasters but I won't scar you with those unwillingly. You didn't sign up to be traumatised when you clicked this link! They are good for a laugh though...

Monday, 3 May 2010

If sadness was a title, it would be this.

Blogfriends, I am sad.

Bank Holiday Monday.
Myth: sunshine, barbecues, good t.v., great wine and catch-ups with friends.
Reality: rain, gusty winds, DEAL OR NO DEAL (no deal, no deal), tons of essays.

p.s. I hate May. 

I have found something of an antidote though. Shoes. And lots of them. 
Since I'm bound to my chair by deadlines, there is only one thing for it and that's online shopping. Oh interwebs, how much joy you bring me with your shiny new shoes that you bring by magic (or Fedex, whatevs) to my door. I love thee with my entire being!

I bought a couple pairs yesterday (tan peeptoe flats and some chunky black suede wedge sandals that I already have pledged my soul to), next I was thinking:

Just because they are amazing and only £30. Winner.

Didn't take much to cheer me up!
Plus, I was looking at the Lanvin A/W 2010 and I just love it. I always love Lanvin so this may explain my ardour but still...

Hubba hubba. Maybe Winter won't be so bad this year.

Diane Kruger is my new girl crush. After seeing her in Inglorious Basterds (which is glorious, incidentally), I have fallen for her. She always looks amazing.

Now you love her too. Conversion complete!

Now after that apt last picture of the divine Diane in white, I must go write a lowly essay on 'The Woman in White' (which is really good, but I digress). 
Have a lovely day, loverrrrrrs 

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Let's Make This Moment a Crime

I was struck by something on the way back from work today: I am sick to death of PDU. 'PDU?' I hear you say. You must be thinking that I've got confused with the legendary PDA, but no. (I am not, by the by, a mahoosive fan of public displays of affection but, I can deal). PDU is another creature entirely and was not a huge matter until recently. I shall spell it out: 

Public Displays of Urination. 

Oh, yuck. In the last week, I've seen it three times. All in broad daylight, all on busy roads (one incident was on the outside of a library. Shakespeare would be cursing in perfect iambic pentameter, dear foolish pee-man) 
Intervention, please.
We do not need a nation of public pee-ers, because that is not, ladies and gentlemen, the nation I wish to live in.

In other, much more interesting and sanitary news (I think I can hear a gasp of relief from you, blogfriends), I'll tell you one thing, I bloody love this outfit that Olivia Palermo was wearing at the Tribeca Film Festival:

The length and the embellishment give the outfit the drama it needs to keep it from just being another LBD appearance. LOVE. Plus, I really like the darker, warmer tone to her hair. I haven't seen her for yonks and I much prefer this to her blonde locks. 

Also, through work I've met strange people, normal people, rude and ignorant folks, lovely and generous folks. Today, I met a strange breed. The friendly-but-oddly-insulting-but-with-a-smile-so-what-can-I-say (it's a long breed name, I understand). I will explain briefly. Having tried in vain to help them find what they were desperately seeking (it wasn't Susan...that was a crap pun, excuse me), I apologised and left them to their own devices. They later returned and shouted at me from the entrance of the store: 
'Hey you! Little person!'.

I am 22. 
I am little but that is hardly the point. 
Life is not an episode of 'Catchphrase' and you cannot simply just say what you see!