Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ring o' Ring o' Rosie...and Christina...and me.

I'm feeling so blah at the moment. So close to finishing my essays of final year, but I feel I've lost something over the past few weeks. I've only been going out for work, not seeing the boy, not seeing my friends. Not really hearing any new music (aghhh). It's been a tough old time. Yes, poor me indeed. A little pity party on a Sunday is alright, right?

Incredibly lame silver lining: Work was okay this weekend. No intensely stupid customers. Cha-ching!

Incredibly unrelated news thingy: Having been about ten or eleven when she released her first single (I'm a genie in a bottle, baby, gotta rub me the right way, that's pretty sexual. Needless to say that was lost on me and my friends dancing around the playground), I will always have a soft spot for Christina Aguilera. Yes, I found that 50's schtick kind of annoying, I didn't really get the dirrrrrty phase (liked the song, hated the fact that it looked like she hadn't washed her hair or her face for a month), but still I like her. Although reading back on what I just wrote, it really doesn't sound like I do, but still.

So lovers, she's on another cover this month, so feast your lovely Sunday eyes on this

Photos: GossipOnThis

She looks amazing, basically.
That all-in-one that she's wearing in the last one, no heck, the whole outfit is just amazing. I LOVE the styling. The toughness of the leather/motorbike/monochrome just sit beautifully against her milky skin and red lips. Gorgeous, non?

And from old-school nineties love to my current obsession (alongside Diane Kruger) is Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley. 

She's in May's edition of the Russian Harper's Bazaar, and wow.

All Rosie photos: fashiongonerogue

My favourite is definitely the last one. Those shoes! I may not be able to walk in them, but can I have them just to stand in one place? I would stand still a LOT for those babies.

Hm, I just got a craving for those jammy-marshmellowy-chocolate teacakes things. I'm off to hunt for those. Happy Sunday xo


  1. Saaame, I have just been staring at those shoes for about the last 10 minutes. I think they'd be walkable though? Although when I walk in shoes with the platformy base thingy (which is nearly every heel I have because I am so short) I get confused because the floor is closer than it ought to be in relation to my foot. That makes sense right?? No? I swear I'm not a few sandwiches short of a picnic!

  2. You always make sense to me, haha. I bought these gorgeous platforms (the one of many...) and they ARE easy to walk in. But like you said, completely and utterly disorienting. It's like 'there's the floor...oof...nope...the floor came too early'. Now I sound mad, too.

    But basically, I want them. Then I can (maybe) look as amazing as Rosie (as if)

  3. Thanks! Good luck with your essay too! I totally know what you mean about rediscovering your love of novels - I'm 5 days away from finishing my English degree and have already started a list of all the novels I'll read when I'm done - despite some of them having been 'suggested reading' for my course...oops!

    Also, love her, LOVE those shoes. :)

    Tessa Rose x

  4. wow awesome!

  5. i agree, christina aguilera looks awesome.

    thanks for your comment on my blog. i am now a follower of yours. :)


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