Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Always love, hate will get you everytime...

So, I was walking in the glorious sunshine on Monday, and this song came on

And you know those songs that are just perfect for summer? Well, this is close to the top of the list for me. Always perfect on a sunny, balmy day.

Okay so if you've read this blog a bit, you might know I'm just the tiniest bit obsessed with Jack White. I just love his voice, his vision and his music. 
Imagine my excitement when I saw that he's done an editorial with his partner, Karen Elson, in the American Vogue

The model and musician couple look fantastic here, captured by the amazing Annie Leibovitz in the June edition. I think some couples just fit, and these two certainly do. My favourite photo is the the third from top. It captures them perfectly, and I think it sweetly portrays an intense connection between them.

As always fashion and music combine with ease, and with gorgeous results. I'm a huge fan of this spread, the Americana and vintage vibes just work so well.

Happy mid-week, loverrrrrs


  1. she's seriously like the most perfect model...absolutely beautiful!

  2. Those pictures are absolutely pretty. They look so good together. I think I should get a copy of Vogue now.

  3. love them! Get this, my friend who live sin Detroit went to see them as part of her bachelorette party at a small bar out there ... and about a month later they blew up and became famous!

  4. Karen Elson looks fantastic here, haven't seen her in a while.


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