Sunday, 9 May 2010

'ear, 'ear!

I've been totally consumed by the British General Election this week. Not that there's anything to be consumed by, because frankly it was a unenthusiastic draw. Blah. 
Then, to my horror I noticed that my earlobes are uneven! I am fully aware that this is quite a weird body hang-up, but I noticed the other night and now I'm obsessed. Maybe I could start a J-Lo butt surgery phenomena with  earlobe cosmetic surgery?!!
Also, I am just over one week away from finishing with this essay headache (cue unnecessary premature celebration), so by next Monday I will be seriously happy...

Photo: Toonpool

I promise though, blogfriends, that my smile will be less creepy (and also I do not, repeat NOT, look like a bald Quasimodo)

Do you want to some gorgeousness on this ridiculously overcast Sunday morning?

Here's some drapey, summery fitness in the form of Australian designer Bianca Spender

Now, do you see the love? I would happily own all of these outfits. They just fit so beautifully. I put the Mustard Yellow maxi at the end because the punch of colour is amazing. It's like summer in a dress, isn't it?

Some of the gorgeous models backstage:
All Bianca Spender photos:

Notice the strange furry/feathery eyebrows. You can't notice it so much in the runway photos because of the distance but it's rather strange, isn't it? I quite like it though. It's like Fashion meets 'Where the Wild Things are'. Surreal, and pretty cool considering the importance of the outdoors life/nature in Australia. (Also, notice the lovely lovely lovely drapey goodness! Mmmmm!) 

Work was pretty okay this weekend (this, despite being lacklustre, is a significant improvement over most shifts). There was this group of teenage boys in yesterday. They couldn't have been older than fifteen, and that's an extremely generous estimation. They looked like Justin Bieber's younger, British and more bratty younger brothers (yuck!). And I noticed one of them was wearing a tee with this motif:

Yes. He was FIFTEEN (at best). 

I mean that shirts slogan isn't funny at the best of times, but on him? Are you kidding me? To cement this observation of how young he was, he tried buying an 18 certificate game, got coldly refused service (I mean, seriously) and then bought A BADGE. A mainstay for all kids everywhere. They normally read something like 'You don't Understand Me' or 'I <3 Chemical Romance' but he (being of advanced mind, see t-shirt slogan above) probable bought something like 'I love boobs' or something equally unfunny/offensive. So yeah. Tool.

So, loverrrrs this ends my Sunday ramblings. Have a lovely day xo


  1. haha you have an adorable header!
    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    this is a brilliant post, love the photo of the models - i thought the feathers were an interesting look!

    keep in touch :)
    lady stardust x

  2. Don't worry, I have earlobes that join. You know how there are two kinds of earlobes (this is my high school Human Bio coming out)? The kind that droops and that looks like a little ... pea ... for want of a better description. This is the most common. The other is the one that doesn't droop or have the little ... pea ... like ball thing. It just joins to the neck. This is what I have. And I am laughed at by my nearest and dearest. Now I'm going to sound like a freak. I might have to post a non-freakish photo of my joining earlobes on my blog now to prove I'm normal.
    See, now your body hang up has brought out my body hang up! It wasn't even a hang up until just now :-S haha joking. But seriously.

    Haha!! :-)

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  4. @lady stardust
    The header made me giggle when I first saw it, glad you like!

    You always make me laugh! We could be ear-freaks-but-not-really-freaks together. It could be the start of a revolution. We could be revolution-ear-ies! Okay, I'm getting carried away :p

    @Some Style
    Thanks for the heads up, I entered, fingers crossed, eh? Love the blog, by the by!

  5. Love the blog,great post i'v never heard about this designer before and will have to check out for her! I really like the feather eyebrows i like it on runways where they add a little strange tweak. You should check out the topshop unique fall 2010 collection for crazy eyebrows and feathers in the hair!

  6. bianca spender is so great - simple and clean lines yet sophisticated draping!
    aussie fashion has come far :)

    lovely blog xx

  7. ah this made me laugh! looove the mustard maxi x


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