Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Met Ball 2010

So now I've done enough words for my essay (not enough actually, 300 short and it's due tomorrow. But that heart attack can wait, thankyou very much), I logged on to see those Met Ball outfits. There was one clear winner, and she is splashed on the front page of ALL the websites, (not so) little Hermione.
Emma Watson looked gorgeous in her Burberry number

At first I could only see these super annoying tiny little photos of her dress, and I wasn't that bothered by it. But when I saw it in all it's glory (well, not completely 'cos that would be like wearing it, non?), I see the gorgeous detail. I think she looks amazing.

Others I loved were:

All photos: Millionlooks.com

Kate Bosworth (Valentino), Claire Danes (another gorgeous Burberry) and bucking the trend with a short dress  (not as tiny as Blake Lively's dress though. Seriously. Google it!) from Rag&Bone, Bar Refaeli.

There were some disasters but I won't scar you with those unwillingly. You didn't sign up to be traumatised when you clicked this link! They are good for a laugh though...


  1. Loved Emma Watson's Burberry dress. She looks so chic!

  2. emma looks so beautiful!!

  3. Emma Watson is gorgeous. That dress is amazing on her.


  4. I couldn't agree more! Emma Watson was totally the winner of the night! she looked more than gorgeous and that dress??? WOW, simply amazing!

    Thank you so soo much for stopping by Bikinis & Passports and your sweet comment! I adooore Zara :)

    xox Vicky

  5. I absolutely love Kate Bosworth's dress. So feminine and classy. Emma looks wonderful but I find the slit to be a little too high for that dress. ;)


  6. I would have a hard time choosing from these outfits... I probably like Bar Rafaeli's the most!



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