Saturday, 22 May 2010

Saturday Night Lights

This week I have...

...been mostly painting my nails colours that match my walls


...and, making strange stressy faces before I gave in my last essay. Ever.

Oh yes. I finished, so you can breathe a sigh of relief because now you will not have to endure my moans and groans over neverending work. Needless to say, I am thrilled!

I even got myself a virtual present (as well as some more expensive real presents in the form of a Topshop playsuit and schoolboy blazer, yum. I will try and take a picture when I am feeling more...vertical.):
Okay, I know I probably should just lay off the random Robert Downey Jr slots, but I really cannot help it. Anyway this photo is (so extremely) fit, don't you agree lovers?

As you may or may or may not know, I'm a complete America's Next Top Model nut. This explains my excitement at seeing Nicole (last cycle's winners) latest shots by Kathryna Hancock:

Photos: FashionGoneRogue
(Stylist: Thomas Anderson, Hair/Makeup: Juanita Lyon)

Doesn't she look great? I don't know if you watched, but she was kinda awkward, but that's what I loved about her. She really is awesome because her gawkiness is what makes her so good. Her flaming hair and unusual looks really shine in these photos. You can tell I'm a fan. That last photo reminds me of Madonna (which is weird, 'cos I don't like Madonna). The fingerless loves, the hat, the attitude. I love it.

I saw Four Lions this week, the controversial film about seriously misguided Islamic extremists. There was a huge uproar about the film being inappropriate, and I would agree, the film does touch on sensitive subjects. It was bound to. It would be weak if it avoided the obvious taboos, but the film is such a triumph. It is hilarious, and Chris Morris makes some interesting political comments about some of the recent terrorist headlines. This is not a comedy for comedy's sake. I recommend it!

Also, I went to see The Lion King at the gorgeous Lyceum Theatre (busy, busy). Every time I go to a theatre in London, I am struck by just how gorgeous they are. The interiors are so intricately gorgeous. The production was amazing. The first scene gave me chills, it's just so beautifully staged and created. I also cried when Mufasa died.

Ugh, too much text?


  1. she was my favorite model too...these photos are great!

  2. ahhh she looks amazing, those photos are stunning!!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  3. thank you for leaving a comment at my blog! I like your blog too! it's very interesting to read about what you do! those are my favorites! lol
    join my blog if you would like to see and hear more of me. I will gladly return the favor. I'm your follower now!
    XOXO, Olya from the Ate

  4. I wrote something about RDJ that you will not like...I'm sorry!! But I do have to just say, in that pic up there, he looks mighty fit, he really does!! There, I said it. Haha!


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