Monday, 3 May 2010

If sadness was a title, it would be this.

Blogfriends, I am sad.

Bank Holiday Monday.
Myth: sunshine, barbecues, good t.v., great wine and catch-ups with friends.
Reality: rain, gusty winds, DEAL OR NO DEAL (no deal, no deal), tons of essays.

p.s. I hate May. 

I have found something of an antidote though. Shoes. And lots of them. 
Since I'm bound to my chair by deadlines, there is only one thing for it and that's online shopping. Oh interwebs, how much joy you bring me with your shiny new shoes that you bring by magic (or Fedex, whatevs) to my door. I love thee with my entire being!

I bought a couple pairs yesterday (tan peeptoe flats and some chunky black suede wedge sandals that I already have pledged my soul to), next I was thinking:

Just because they are amazing and only £30. Winner.

Didn't take much to cheer me up!
Plus, I was looking at the Lanvin A/W 2010 and I just love it. I always love Lanvin so this may explain my ardour but still...

Hubba hubba. Maybe Winter won't be so bad this year.

Diane Kruger is my new girl crush. After seeing her in Inglorious Basterds (which is glorious, incidentally), I have fallen for her. She always looks amazing.

Now you love her too. Conversion complete!

Now after that apt last picture of the divine Diane in white, I must go write a lowly essay on 'The Woman in White' (which is really good, but I digress). 
Have a lovely day, loverrrrrrs 


  1. oh lady, I know!! it's grey here too, and I'm also doing homework (and that's for my job, booo!) ... still am hopeful I might stumble across a wee film later as I have a bag of microwave popcorn in the kitchen calling my name, nom! :)

    as for those boots! ... le sigh! gorgeous, buy buy!

    a x


  2. Those shoes are great - I can see how they would cheer you up! And Diane Kruger is perfection - did you see what she wore at the Met Gala tonight? It's beautiful!!


  3. @girlinthecity
    boo to work, and yay for shoes, oui? (: I will order the shoes today! I decided this morning that I deserve it. Funny...I always come to that conclusion!

    I haven't looked yet! I will look at lovely Diane later and probably get so excited I'll post on her again. I'm glad we both get the Diane love <3

  4. As time slips away so quickly, I cant help but to feel a little depressed too!

    But the little photo in your main title made me laugh this morning! Im a sucker for cute animals

  5. @Eli
    Haha I'm glad you like the image from the title! I only added that last week, but I thought it was pretty cool. It's kinda weird, right? But I love it!

  6. amen to this post bandara, i love the nude dress - so hot xo

  7. Lanvin <3, I always knew you had great taste, Saraherer.

    ps. I never knew about this blog until now but it is fabulous.

  8. Hope the shoes made you feel better!


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