Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Cricket is Vogue now? No? No.

I should tell you something about my family. We've never been The Waltons, or The Brady Bunch. Far from it, actually. We've never really been the type to have a sit down meal together and discuss the days ins-and-outs (unless it's Christmas, Turkey reunites everyone...), but there is one thing we will happily cuddle in close for.


You know, growing up in England has afforded me many choices, not least which sport I support England in. Football (soccer?!), Rugby, Tennis, good ole' Curling,  blah blah blah.
But with Sri Lanka (Hi, I'm Sri Lankan), you get one choice. Bat. Ball. Stumps. And fuzzy white jumpers. I'm already getting excited, are you?

Anyway this long, winding road is leading to one thing: WE WON yesterday.

Excuse the terrible quality. It was taken on my Blackberry. And off the TV. Not exactly the best way to take a photo, excuse me!

Anyway, this post isn't about sport really. It's just that I love it when one thing like a match (which wasn't even a final by the by. Yeesh, I mean it wasn't even a SEMI-final), can unite people in a moment of hysterical happiness.

On a less nerdy note (can I have some cool points back, please?), I saw Kristen Wiig rocked this Stella tee/dress that I want desperately

I like how she teamed it with nude heels which makes the dress look so effortless and not clunky (if that even makes sense, which by this point in the post, I'm sure it does not). Also the red lipstick just saves it from being too simple. I think she got the style maths right.

One other thing, a pregnant Claudia Schiffer is on the cover of Germany's Vogue this month

I purposefully didn't pick the cover shot because I think this one is more stunning. She looks amazing.
Alright, go on then. Here's the cover

All Vogue photos:

And she still is just so gorgeous on the close-up.

I think she looks amazing. What do you think?

p.s. The EssayDoomOfMyLife is nearly over! Get your pom-poms at the ready!


  1. I hope I'm a hot pregnant lady like her. She looks incredible, so so beautiful!

  2. Claudia is so, so gorgeous! *swoon*! And I love that dress on Kristen Wiig, too cute!


  3. love claudia in love actually, such a good film!
    that last pic is so pretty!

    lady stardust x


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