Tuesday, 1 June 2010

June-bugs, June-fish? And...Mel Gibson.

Happy June the first, blogfriends! <3 Can't believe nearly half the years whizzed by already. What is time's problem? Slow down and chill out, please. I want this summer to last forever, thankyou. I found this editorial that really taps into this feeling in The Sunday Times featuring a gorgeous Marloes Horst.

Feast your eyes on this

The last picture is just so pretty. I love the yellow accents.

So it was Bank Holiday weekend this weekend which usually means fun times had by all, but for me actually meant working an extra shift on the Monday. It's not all bad, we get bonus pay, but it's still torture not that fun watching people having a lovely time whilst I'm stuck behind the till listening to Justin Bieber all day.

Anyway, there was this one interesting character. He was an all-out Bond Villain type. He looked pretty pretty evil to me

(yes, unfortunately, Mel Gibson thought this an appropriate facial hair design in real life...)

But yeah, this customer was complete with a flat cap shielding his face eerily. He was blind in one eye (he wasn't wearing an eye patch, but it was a Bank Holiday so he was probably going for the casual look), and he had quite a lot of metal teeth. Because of his general get-up, I assume wholeheartedly (wholemindedly?!) that he was wearing a hat as to hide a gruesome scar that is the mainstay for all villains everywhere. So up he crept, evilness and all, to the counter, and bought...Thomas the frickin' Tank Engine. Are you kidding me?? He should've been buying '101 Ways to Take Over the World' (this isn't a real DVD, so all you wannabe Emporers don't try looking!) or at least be a laugh and buy 'Austin Powers', man. Total anti-climax.

The lovely MissLiv (yes, I've mentioned her blog before) posted about evil fishes, thanks to a weird little suggestion of mine. I highly recommend you read her last post because it's so funny, plus she was lovely enough to (grudgingly) include a photo of Robert Downey Jr. Can you feel the love? Anywho, it got me thinking 'cos I'm a little weirdly fascinated with fishes. I don't like them really, I think of them and I get this weird shiver up my spine. I think it's because I think they'll feel all slimy and their eyes. Oh their EYES. They're well scary. 

Well they are except this fella
(photo: BonCherry)

It's called an Axototl, I think. And it's kinda cute. Cute but scary. It's kinda of other-worldly. I almost don't believe it's real, which is stupid 'cos it is. No, no, I don't like it! Agh.

Finally, this past week's been madness (hence the lack of posting, apologies). I wore my new Zara playsuit on Thursday night, I didn't really get a good photo of it, but here's a spoiler

Excuse the dumb expression, there was some loads of wine involved. Anyway, I love my playsuit muchly, and I might go and purchase another that I saw. They're only £20! Bargain. Plus, there's a really lovely skirt in there that has this print of little divers on it, and I want. I WANT!

Enjoy your day! xo


  1. There's no way that fish is real. It looks like a little cartoon person, you know from one of those new weird cartoons that kids love these days.

  2. that editorial is amazing and omg axolotls are so cool! thanks for commenting darling, its a great blog you have here :)

    x courtney


  3. Great photos! Love the editorial!

  4. That little fish thing...at first I was like, oh how cute, and then I was overtaken with the impulse to smoosh it dead. Sorry. And that photo of Mel Gibson made me SNORT with laughter. Oh, Mel. No.

  5. This was a funny post. Thank you for your comment on my blog - I like yours, too. You have a lot of personality.


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