Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Alba, Zips and Specs Appeal

This morning, I've been fawning (hey, that rhymes!...check me out, bonus cool points for me, agreed?) over this photo of Jessica Alba from the new issue of Elle Korea

I only included this one because, well, frankly, you know how some people think that modelling should be left to models? Well, this shoot is an example of this. Not that Jess does bad, but she's just not as fluid as a model would be. Aaaaanyway, I love this outfit. The trophy jacket blows me away with its decadence, but more than that, I adore the skirt. The detail of all the zips is gorgeous. And I love that they styled it with more patterns, and more detail without shying away from it becoming a busy-busy outfit. Awesome.

Going with the boyfriend to pick up his new reading glasses today (we'll be a speccy 8-eyes together now. yes, you may deduct those cool points I just earned). I was a clever girlfriend though and went with him to pick the frames. The result? 

He won't look like this


Not that he a) has a predilection to look like an extra nerdy version of Harry Potter, b) owns a stupendously hideous bow-tie* and/or a red waistcoat or finally, c) would everrrr be allowed to sport such a greasy middle parting and curtains hair combo. No, no, no.

*See, now I feel bad. Bow-ties are not always bad. They're not even always restricted to awkward prom wear, they can be cool. I feel pressured to give evidence, and clearly who better to model the trend than 

photos: 3.bp.blogspot

He may be an exception because it is rare that one person is so awesome. Hang on, am I making it too obvious that I love him? Maybe I am because I have created this huge, crazy tangent just to post a photo of him *evil laugh*

You know what? '*evil laugh*' really isn't that scary. It doesn't emote well, does it? Pah.

Have a lovely Wednesday, you lovely people, you! And thankyous, hugs and kisses to the new readers <3 



  1. She looks fairly tense and awkward doesn't she? Meh, it doesn't matter, she's gorgeous and I LOVE her jacket ;)

    xx miss anonymous.

  2. I actually like that picture. It looks really natural to me for some reason. *shrug* And that outfit is really awesome. I would wear all the pieces... just not together, lol. I couldn't pull that off!

  3. Yeah, not the greatest of Jess Alba but she is just gorgeous anyway and the outfit definitely makes a statement!

    Yay for glasses! I have a few pair but I'm insecure wearing them for some reason. Silly me.

    Happy wednesday, lovely lady! xo

  4. That jacket is pretty cool. And how good would it look on you? (Answer: pretty damn good!) xo. -Bella Q

  5. Not one Of Jessica's best photo shoots, but I still think she's absolutely beautiful!

  6. That picture of her is really cool but I see what you mean about the modeling aspect. And yes, that skirt is adorable, adorable! I'm a little too thick in the butt to add so much more baggage on to it but I wish I could wear that!! And so funny about your bf, I'm glad you're there to help... and yes, the bow tie can be rocked sometimes :) and well might I add.

  7. That jacket in the first shot is unreal! great shots, thanks for the comment!


  8. i want that gold jacket!

  9. I see what you mean, its is a bit rigid. She still has a gorgeous face, and the jacket is just pure awesomeness
    It would be mine

  10. I love the jacket and the skirt. And she's still beautiful. Not fair :)


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