Thursday, 3 June 2010

Ice, Ice, Crimping,

I was browsing around the interwebs and I cam across this photo of Crystal Renn and I thought I'd share it 'cos I love it so much. 


I've seen on some blogs around the ways about the issue of glamourising smoking in fashion. It seems a pretty touchy subject with a lot of people. I don't know about it though. I don't smoke, but I'm not offended by seeing it in a photo/film. In contrast, actually, I think it makes the photo of Crystal. The old-school Hollywood glamour of the cigarette dangling tantalisingly from the corner of her mouth is pretty timeless cool, if you ask me.

And other than contentious issues in fashion, I thought I'd share this shoot with you 'cos, well, waking up looking a state and then looking at these make me happy and sad. Happy cos the styling is AMAZING and sad because I look like a tired porcupine with a bad hair day. Not good, folks. 

I promise I looked more impressed at these photos than the camel seems to be in the photo above...

Can I have a moment to point out those shoes? HUBBA HUBBA. I know you agree!

Up until this very minute, I did not think crimping was a good idea. I wholeheartedly agreed that it was just one of those things that should stay in the 80's foreverrrr like, ahem, cough, AHEMMMM...

(I love how the tagline to this obviously-awesomely-so-bad-its-good film is 'Just Add Ice'!)

Haha, sorry. That was just a convenient place for me to add this awesome movie cover of Vanilla Ice's film. It's like 80's overdosed and then they pumped it's stomach, and out came this cover...mad trouser pattern and all. 

But yeah, back to the original (non-mocking) point, I think the crimping looks really good in the editorial. Actually, everything. This is my favourite, favourite, favourite in a while. And I would happily adopt those clothes in to my wardrobe. You know...just in case...the stylists are reading :p

Hope you have a lovely day and are basking in some gorgeous sunshine. Bye beautifuls! xo


  1. I'm not a fan of smoking, but that photo is absolutely amazing. The cigarette totally fits the scene.

    The fourth spread in the editorial is my favorite. I think it's because of her arms. Maybe I'm weird.

    And I want the dress in the first one.

  2. AWESOME vanilla ice reference!!!

  3. Haha, props to you for the mention of Vanilla Ice! Epic.

    Loved these photos and while I'm not a smoker and wholeheartedly disagree with the concept, I can't disagree that, that picture is fabulous!

    Have a great day, sweets! xo

  4. i've noticed crimping is, well, er BACK as the case many be! it looks cool when done stylishly :)

    and crystal renn is amazeful. vanilla ice is awful.

    loools :D

  5. FIERCE and that first photo is AMAZING.

  6. I love that photo of Crystal Renn. I wholeheartedly agree with your point of view on the whole thing... it just wouldn't be the same without the cigarette... I dunno, I don't think it's good but I don't think it's necessarily bad to portray it in certain instances.

    love your blog!

  7. Ha ha. I didn't even know he'd starred in a film! With good reason as I guess it must've been baaaad. I love all the jewellery in the snaps.

  8. Oh no, the poor camel :(

    I do love the first photo though, it looks absolutely ah-mazing!

    xx miss anonymous.

  9. That foto is amazing and yes that sig is partly responsible for that. I noticed that both beyonce and lady gaga smoke in their latest musicclip.


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