Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Pretty Girls, Bad Photos, Good Music.

Morning, folks! 

You know how before I said loveloveloved Christina Aguilera? And how I thought she had finally got her styling exactly right? It seemed to have struck that perfect balance between vampy and stylish, but THEN I saw this...

Photo: The Sun

You see the dilemma. Actually, no. There is no dilemma, this photo is a disaster. Is it meant to be sexy? Fail. I don't like it at all. Her eyes just look spidery from this angle, not flirty and cute. And sorry, not even Kate Moss could rock that angle, darling.

Aaaand, I see most people agreed with the slight awkwardness of Jess Alba in the last post (and yes, she is so gorgeous, it's ridic.). I wandered into this new shoot by one Megan Fox in Interview, and thought I'd see if you thought she fared any better? 

I think Fox looks quite a bit like Danni Minogue in this first shot. Weird.

photos: fashiongonerogue

When I first saw this, I thought it was better than the Alba effort but I think that it's only the styling that's better. This is a proper editorial rather than just a fashion spread which means that the theme of the editorial detracts from the model (actress!). 

But on closer inspection, I think she does a pretty poor job. By always looking off camera, it looks wooden and unemotional. Perhaps, it was meant to because she's styled like a second mannequin but I don't really like it. 
What do you guys think?

Music-wise, I got The Drums album after reading this hyper-fangirl article on them in NME (which made me not want to listen to them. I refuse to fangirl over them)


I am totally fangirling over their album, and particularly this song which is so '80's is actually ridiculous (in the most fabulous way, clearly!). Give it a listen and tell me what you think, loverrrrrrs.

Have a lovely Tuesday <3



  1. That first image makes Christina look like a blow up doll, haha. But that Megan Fox editorial, in my opinion, I did not think it was that bad. She looks gorgeous, and although she looks a bit... bored? (can't think of the right word) that face of hers looks flawless.



  2. megan fox is definitaly one of my favourite fashion icons too.

    thanks for the comment!

    joobies :)

  3. Pictures where it looks like you're "doing a job" are never a good idea... especially when you're a mother!!!! Good eye on the Megan ones, I would have just said they were "good" but after further inspection, I see what you mean. That first one is just awkward.

  4. Oh Christina, and that new music video! Very interesting ha, and I didn't even recognize Megan Fox at first! She looks so chic!


  5. That poor mannequin, being made to look like her :(

    It was an interesting concept, but execution on her part was a little lacking... hmmmm..

    xx miss anonymous.

  6. I didn't recognise Megan. I can see how the idea for this story came about but it didn't succeed.

  7. i dont like the christina image either!


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