Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sunday Good Can Work

Time for a Sunday morning rambling, I think!

It's been a glorious few days in London, sun blazing, all bare legs and manly (and not-so) manly torsos proudly stripped and now I have a day off...and it's raining. You got to love it...or don't. I choose don't. I hate the rain!

I just was reading some newsy-type things (oo la la), when I saw this furore about an Urban Outfitters tee with a questionable slogan...

Photo: NYMag


Featuring a model, who I think frankly looks a bit sickly in this photo (shadows under the eyes, lank hair) wearing a slogan of 'eat less' is perhaps not putting their best foot forward. It's a pity because I quite like absolutely adore UO. They've withdrawn them from their online store after a storm of complaints, but apparently they're still available instore. 

I'm torn a little though because there's a tonne of slogan tees with terribly cliché or unfunny sayings which noone takes stock in. Noone really cares, so if one wants to air their (questionable) views, then so be it. Everyone has the right to their freedom of speech and more importantly are free to air their bad taste!

I saw this photo of Karl Lagerfeld and Vanessa Paradis in a homage to Warhol/Sedgewick and loved the retro vibe

I wish I had a pout like that. I'm talking about Vanessa, but Karl's got it going on too. Is it sad that his pout is better than mine? Is it sadder that I want a pout of a man?!

There is one other standout shot from the series

First what struck me was the cape (duh!), I am a sucker for animal print. But then, THEN! THE SHOES. Sorry, to go all capital but I really love them. I want them. Like, a lot.

Must she have Johnny Depp and those shoes? Isn't that too much gorgeousness for one person to handle? These are all important, important questions!

Soooo, customer of the week (and there wasn't many since it was so hot noone bothers to shop in nice weather) was this young woman who came strolling into the shop with her pram. The pram was covered with a scarf. I guess it was to protect the baby.

But then again, maybe I'm wrong. I say this because then the 'baby' started crying. And it wasn't a cute cry like this

'cos that I can handle easily. That ain't no thing. BUT NO. This was ultimate monster scream. It was like this guy under that blanket, seriously


Yeah, like Hulk on a bad day when he's hungry, thirsty, tired, has a bad hair day and is extra pissed at his persistent toochache. That was the scream that the 'baby' had. Ahhh children, eh? Fruit of our world!

Disclaimer: I do not actually have anything against babies. Or kids. Or even pre-teens (unless they like Bieber or N-Dubz, but that's just common sense :p)

I hope you are all planning to waste away the day relaxing with good friends and family! Or on your own, watching The Wire all the live long day...I love The Wire...sorry, where was I? Oh yes, have a fabulous day! 



  1. thank you so for your coment sweetie :)
    First, I loved your post, very funny xp
    Talking about the Urban Outfiters' slogan, it's really sad. I have seen some nice clothes on the website but I've never went to that store because in my city it doesn't exist..and I think in the whole country (I don't know if it's only in the US (?)
    It's a shame that brands do this kind of slogans as it already is a shame that there are completely anorexic models in fashion shows. I don't know what's the point.
    Do they want women to look like men, without no shapes ? GRRR, hate this idea that they put on women's minds, that they have to be thin... and make lot's of diets....

    xo *

  2. I HATE HER. Why are some peoples lives so awesome?

    Gorgeous, awesome pout, amazing shoes, gets to chill out with Lagerfeld all day, Johnny Depp... Her life sucks doesn't it.

    xx miss anonymous.

  3. LOL! You have quite a sense of humor. I think the "Eat Less" slogan is a bit sad, however because I see it reinforcing already dangerous eating disorders in the age demographic that shops UO.

    thanks for your lovely commments by the way. Perhaps we swap Google "follows"?

  4. Hello! your blog is great, I love the photos of karl and vanessa and I love, LOVE warhol and sedgewick, definitely iconic legends! Factory Girl is a great movie, have you seen it?

    Also, I've always wanted to meet someone from London and I am definitely going to follow your blog! I hope to visit London one day!

    all the best

  5. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and I love it!!!

  6. Love the Sunday rant. I agree with the T-shirt being withdrawn when there are girls struggling with anorexia.
    Happy to say I'm following your blog :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! I think your blog is great to and I'm following you back :-).

  8. YOU LIVE IN LONDON?! I'm envious. Sorry. I still love you and your blog but I have mad jealousy.

    Great post. Great photos, as always.

    You are adorable and so is your blog.

    oh and thank you lots for the sweet comment on my place. you're simply too kind. xo!

  9. Nice pictures! And you have a lovely lovely header! ;)

  10. Love the thought process here! First off, love the Vanessa images - those really are amazing and the design team on her did a wonderful job- I'm with you on the shoes! Secondly, I think the "eat less" is, like you wrote, protected as a phrase but I do think the shirt is stupid but I'm not big on logo tees anyway. But I do know that they are doing it to create hype so that's kinda dumb... also, sorry about the baby scream. I think you can be the biggest kid person in the world and HATE a shrill baby's voice!


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