Friday, 9 April 2010

It's the way I see everything I need, it's the way to be

I love this song. I love this band. 

I listened to this about 25 times on the way home from work tonight. Yes.

I am currently watching the comedy roast of Chris Tarrant. Sean Lock made a joke about how hard it is to make jokes about someone as nothing-ish as Tarrant...judging by this, he's right. They've gunned the divorce, made some 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' puns and...yeah...that's about it. Still, I LOVE Jimmy Carr.

I dare you not to love his awesome face.
He dares you, too.

I saw 'Shutter Island'...I just wrote that as 'Shitter Island' which is ominous but falsely so, because I loved it. I'll just chalk the typo down to tiredness rather than a Freudian slip. With this film, Scorcese created a film that was old-school King/Hitchcock in style, but weaved it effortlessly with the modern demand for a big event/twist. It was like 'One That Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' crossed with 'Memento'. Beautifully shot, and DiCaprio was incredibly intense as the lead. (yes, I love him too. This is becoming some sort of love-in, I know. I apologise.) 

To even the lovey tone: 
I saw 'The Fourth Kind'. Oh. *silence*
Do yourself a favour and don't ever watch it.
Instead, go buy this:


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  1. oh, i totally know the feeling of getting into the mood of a song and listening to it over and over... love it when you find a good new song! really want to see shutter island... xx


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