Sunday, 11 April 2010

One in a Million, Two is a crowd, Three is company, Four is allowed

You have a problem when you have most of the 'new additions' sections of your favourite clothing store... 
I have a problem.

I'm writing my dissertation (well, I'm taking a break to write about writing it, but you know what I mean) and a trillion other essays, and when I'm bored or trying to procrastinate, I shop. With a capital S, H, O & P. I can't help it. I fall into lust with clothes far too easily.

To ease my addiction, I will browse a site, add gorgeous stuff to my basket (that add up to a gruesome amount), then close the page. MADNESS. But I, full time student and part time worker, cannot afford to buy every beautiful spring/summer thing I want. Sigh. 

Oh, and on the subject of not doing work in favour of anything else: I saw Kick-Ass.
I conclude Nicolas Cage is creepy.


Yes, that's right. Cage's Kick-Ass character, Big Daddy (ew) and Stanley Tucci's child-killer character from The Lovely Bones look exactly the same. The result is that he is so so creepy in the film. AWKWARD!
Plus, he always refers to his kid super-hero as 'child', which is weird.

Anyway, the film is pretty alright. Gruesome violence and some okay funny bits.

Maybe I'm too harsh on films? 

Essays are calling me...

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