Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Romeo & Juliet 2.0 (well, 3.0 cos of that Baz Luhrmann one...)

Online profiles are weird. They are, aren't they? (oh yuck, my '?' key is all jammed. Note self: stop eating biscuits at the laptop. Second note to self: Laptop is not a mobile dining table)

Anyway this profile thought just occurred to me. It was instigated by looking at this random friend (random cos he's a virtual friend who i practically speak to zilch in real life and thus know zilch about him) and the last time i went on his page, it was plastered with pictures of his girlfriend; it was complete with a vom-inducing photo of them gazing into one another's eyes. BUT  now it's all disappeared, and here's the real kick in the virtual nuts (not that ex-girlfriends have nuts, not generally anyway): he had re-plastered his page with his new catch. All previous photos have gone KAPUT, naturally.

It's like a weird version of editing your public persona or something. It's just weird. It makes sense, his new squeeze wouldn't want that up there but it's like 'yeaaaah, i'll just erase that from my life'. Maybe it's me that's weird. That is generally the conclusion to my thoughts, see.

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